Friday, June 15, 2012

Farm Fresh Wedding Styled Shoot

Styled shoots are like playing dress up for weddings. So when Sarah McKenzie Photography and Recollection Vintage Rentals asked us to collaborate on this Farm Fresh Styled Shoot, how could a girl say no? With the three of our creative minds combined, we created a wedding style filled with fresh and organic details that made you feel right at home. Chicken + eggs were our main inspiration and we worked our way from there, incorporating it through invitations, decor, escort cards and more. From the darling family that lives on the Yonder Way Farm to the exceptional floral by Something Special in Flowers, and that dress -I could live in that dress by BHLDN, there is nothing I don't love about this styled shoot! Especially the team of vendors we got to work with -everyone involved was so talented in their craft and made this shoot such a work of art. To see our ideas being brought to life was more than words can express, but I have to say these photos surely do it justice.

And to top it off, the beauty below was featured on Style Me Pretty this morning! View the feature here, and the entire gallery here. Enjoy!

A big special thanks to all our vendors:

Venue: Yonder Way Farms
Styling & Rentals: Recollection Vintage Rentals
Design: Ashley Joseph of Two Be Wed
Florals: Something Special in Flowers
Hair & Make-up: Jessica of Adorne Artistry
Dress: BHLDN
Cake & Tarts: Sugary & Chic Cake Boutique
Pies: Tiny Pies
Invitations: Lynsey Creative
Calligraphy: Calligraphy by Patricia
Grooms Attire: Forever 21 & J Crew


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