Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Part 2: Reception Rooms that POP!

I am sure you are in suspense waiting for suggestion two, ha ha ha. Ok, here it is... LIGHTING!

Reception rooms will of course have some type of lighting… some better than others. Provided that your venue does not offer colored or effect lighting, suggestion two may work just perfect for you.

Lighting can add depth and excitement to a reception room. The lighting industry is filled with exciting options that will blow your mind. Depending on your budget you can invest quite a bit with things like table spot lighting, custom gobos, glowing furniture, moon balloons, sparkle drape, chandeliers, enhanced dance floor or stage lighting and so on. All of these options are fabulous and if you have the budget, totally go for it.

We suggest the very minimum to add what is known as Par Cans, which will come with a gel color of your choice. A gel is basically a colored film that goes over the light to illuminate the designated color. The Par Can is usually used to up-light or spot light an area. By adding even just a few to your reception room, it will take your room from whatever to WOW.

No matter what lighting you choose to do, consult an expert. Lighting can get complicated and someone by your side with experience in this area will get the great production results you are after.

Part 1: Reception Rooms that POP!

Feeling a little blah about your reception room? Not loving the hotel ballroom carpet? Want your reception room to impress your guests?
We are going to share with you our top five ideas to make your reception room POP!

The first suggestion is simple. Instead of using the venues basic linens, kick it up a notch by ordering colored or textured linens from your local distributor. What makes this suggestion so exciting is the linens that are offered to the event industry are beautiful and creative.

Imagine walking into a reception room with basic ivory linens, nice but... Now imagine walking into a room that has upgraded at minimum to a polyester solid color like rust, raspberry or chocolate...yes!

The most cost effective upgrade is the polyester linen which is offered in a huge selection of colors. From there you can upgrade to different fabric blends like Lamours, Bichons or Damasks and so on depending on your budget.

Important Linen Notes:
Please, please make sure that your linens go to the floor. It is very important to know what table size you are dealing with. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing the ugly metal legs of the table peaking out, yuck.

It is always best to have a iron or steamer on hand to remove the folding crease. Please consult your linen distributor before applying heat to fabrics.

Keeping all the tables the same when it comes to the linens will assure a much cleaner look.

*Photo courtesy of Rhonda Lewis Photography