Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to "Cool Down" Summer Weddings

Fall is around the corner, but the Texas heat doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. If you booked a late August/September wedding hoping to avoid the heat -no worries!! We have the tips to help you beat the heat and keep your guests cool, not clammy.

Via The Knot
Monogrammed Water Bottles are a multifunctional favor that works for every need. It can keep your guests hydrated, allow you to incorporate your stationary and can be personalized with your intials & date. We suggest storing bottles in tin bins, to keep them cool and add a rustic flair, and place somewhere accessible to guests as they arrive. Water bottles are affordable and can be a great DIY project for your bridal party!!

Via the Bridal Blog
Fan Programs are another multifunctional tool that can serve as your wedding program, as well as cool your guests as they await your grand entrance. Most wedding programs end up on the floor, but the fan feature gives guests another reason to hang on to the program. The pictured fan program added another entertainment feature: word games on the back to keep guests (especially children) entertained before the ceremony. We suggest placing the programs on guests seats beforehand or assigning a house party to hand out to guests as they arrive. Another great DIY project!


Via Project Wedding

Umbrellas/Parasols are fun and functional! Shade your guests from the unforgiving sun and make a statement with your wedding colors & style. If you want to go bold, have your bridesmaids walk down with parasols rather than floral bouquets. They can also be reused after the ceremony for photos and additional decor. You can mix colors & patterns, but make sure to keep it cohesive!

We suggest placing umbrellas/parasols in a basket and
 popping some nearby so guests get the idea as they are seated.


Houston Tent Rentals
Via Jacqueline Chapelle Tents & Decor

Canopies are big, bold and beautiful for outdoor summer weddings! Canopies shade and protect guests from the sun, and give an outdoor reception a grand venue feel. Perfect for private estate weddings. We recommend Jacqueline Chapelle Tents & Decor for Houston Wedding Tents. 


Via Viva L'Event
Gelato Bar makes a great summer dessert! Cool, sweet and tasty! You can serve as a pre-reception treat during a cocktail hour or as dessert with the wedding cake!


Don't let the heat ruin your big day, where there's a will -there's a way!!


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